The Flat Earthers had their international conference yesterday and it was jaw-dropping

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Flat Earthers from across the globe assembled in North Carolina last week and it was just as bizarre as you think.

The first Flat Earth Internation Conference, which drew hundreds and cost $149 per head to attend, didn't really achieve much.

The gathering aimed to reveal "the true evidence which shockingly points to our existence on a flat, stationary plane" and "debunk pseudo-scientific 'facts'" with sessions including:

  • Nasa and other Space Lies;
  • Flat Earth with the Scientific Method; 
  • Waking Up to Mainstream Science Lies. 

Mark Sargent, who has over 40,000 subscribers on his Flat Earth YouTube channel and attended the conference, told BBC News:

Nobody likes this uncomfortable feeling to be in this tiny ball, flying through space in this cast end of the universe.

We all get existential angst, but nobody else is insisting that space agencies are producing "misleading materials" in a huge collaborative hoax.

You can watch a conference Q&A session with Sargent here:

Highlights include Sargent insisting that Flat Earth theory needs to be taught in schools, saying:

Science is gonna have to address this, plain and simple. They cannot dodge us forever.

The conference may be over but the campaign continues - and a 2018 repeat is already planned.

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