Man finds creepy secret room in home, before story gets even darker

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A worker was sent to a house in Florida to change an air conditioning system when he discovered another “secret” room.

In a clip uploaded to YouTube, the man claims he was sent to a home in Plant City, Florida.

The man says he saw a part of the wall which didn’t quite match up to the rest, so he pushed on it and discovered "the weirdest thing" he'd ever seen: a hidden room in the garage's attic.

The room contained air vents, wood walls, carpeted floors, power outlets and a makeshift bathroom with a men's toilet sign. There's even pizza takeaway boxes on the floor, and two licensee plates hanging on the wall.

The worker said:

There was a very grim feeling about the place.

The man shared the video, filmed a few weeks ago, and someone got in touch.

They told him that the home allegedly belonged to Dee Dee Moore, otherwise known as The Lottery Killer. She was convicted of murdering Abraham Shakespeare, who won $30million on the lottery, in 2006.

He says:

I'm not sure what the secret room was used for, but if I had to guess I would guess it was from hiding out from the police.

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