<p>Worker at street food cart in NYC filmed washing cloth in puddle during storm</p>

Worker at street food cart in NYC filmed washing cloth in puddle during storm

Photo courtesy of @g2bbie/TikTok

A video of a street cart food worker in New York City appeared to wash his cloth in a puddle of rainwater—and people were in disbelief.

The video, which was originally uploaded to TikTok by Gabbie, who goes @g2bbie, (and is also on Reddit), shows the food cart, with a considerable amount of black trash bags around in the New York City night lights.

“Just another rainy day in NYC,” the caption on the screen read as you see the worker pop up with a rag in his hand, crunch down on the sidewalk and drench the rag in rainwater to supposedly “wipe his food truck” down, according to the TikToker.

“This is disgusting,” the text caption on the screen read, evidently pointing out the lack of hygiene.

People in the video’s comments were appalled by the scene and even drew in experiences of why they prefer not to eat from food carts.

“My parents never let me eat here, and suddenly I’m not mad about it anymore,” someone wrote.

“Even if he is cleaning the outside of his food truck, it’s still a big NOOO!” another added.

“My mom always told me never to eat from those carts. She was like, ‘Where do they wash their hands???!’”

Amid others in the comments giving their opinions about why they will continue to refrain from food carts, someone else reiterated that not all vendors act like this and wrote: “Please don’t generalize all food vendors because of one unsanitary man. It’s super harmful when they’re trying to make a living.”

In an article published to NBC in 2019, an investigation discovered that some of New York City’s health commissioners had received countless violations, such as traces of rats, food contamination, and much more.

There are around 130 mobile food vending commissaries and over 5,000 carts listed in NYC.

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