19 of the funniest responses to the RIP meme trend

19 of the funniest responses to the RIP meme trend
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Holding a historical figure in high regard is not uncommon, but this new Twitter trend makes sure you not only remember them but place them within a 21st-century context.

Okay, maybe it’s not quite as sincere as that. Nevertheless, the results are hilarious.

Taking a format of ‘RIP [famous historical person], you would have loved [niche facet of modern culture]’, one of the top tweets encapsulates it perfectly because I’m sure the inventor of electricity would have loved the song Electricity by Dua Lipa (not just because it’s a great tune).

Benjamin Franklin

King Henry VIII

The British King who is most well known for having six wives (as well as setting up the Church of England) probably would have loved the swipe-through dating app. I wonder what his bio would have been.

Marie Antoinette

A reality show pivoting on the creation of extravagant cakes? The 18th-century French queen would have loved it, except she may have decreed the slogan is changed to “let them eat cake”.

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Karl Marx

Not only does the song provide a great reading backing track to Das Capital, it’s also just an amazing song.

Julius Ceasar

Who doesn’t want to share their name with a salad?

Steve Irwin

Okay, it is definitely the only one that brought a tear to my eye.

Dorian Gray


Joan of Arc

F. Scott Fitzgerald


Princess Diana

Martin Luther

The radical German priest would have definitely flourished with all of today’s mod-cons.

Elliot Smith

A very sincere one about the tragic singer-songwriter


William Shakespeare

Michel Foucault

Would the famed philosopher have been a fan of the notoriously derided Netflix series Emily in Paris?

Edgar Allen Poe

Isaac Newton

Archimedes might have been a better choice for this but lets not get too pedantic.

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