Who is Georainbolt the man who can identify anywhere on Earth by just a single photo

Who is Georainbolt the man who can identify anywhere on Earth by just a single photo
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Every once in a while, an extraordinary TikTok user takes the platform by storm and attracts millions. Maybe it's a random act of kindness, a viral talent or, in this instance, the ability to identify anywhere on Earth in less than a second – from a single photo.

The man goes by the username @georainbolt and rightfully prides himself on being a "professional google maps player."

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Here's everything we know:

Who is Georainbolt?

With a healthy TikTok following of 1.2 million, Georainbolt (real name Trevor Rainbolt) launched his account back in October 2021.

He started taking it seriously in January 2022, telling Euronews Travel: "I never started posting for any other reason than because I wanted people to see my passion. I never expected it to get that big,"

"When COVID hit, I was really itching to experience different cultures and see the world a bit so I looked to geoguessr and I guess the rest is history."


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Using a particular software, Rainbolt can correctly identify a particular location from a Google Street View photo – despite never having travelled internationally.

He told the outlet: "I'm actually not very well travelled at all. I have never been to Europe, really I've never been to anywhere outside of America. So this game is my way of travelling."

He's amassed a total of 28.8 million likes, with all of his TikTok videos hitting an average of a million likes per clip.

Outside of TikTok, Rainbolt works as the Snapchat Creative Lead at Wave Sports + Entertainment, according to his LinkedIn – though his online presence has certainly made a name for himself.


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What software is he playing on?

You too can put your geography skills to the test through Geoguessr. The online game launched in 2013; it shows players a random place on Google Street View which they have to guess. The closer they are, the more points they rack up.

It's free to play and "takes you on a journey around the world and challenges your ability to recognize your surroundings."

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