Man ‘left girlfriend alone in hospital to watch the England match’ – and he brands HER the a**hole

<p>The woman said her boyfriend ditched her after her operation so that he wouldn’t miss the big match</p>

The woman said her boyfriend ditched her after her operation so that he wouldn’t miss the big match

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A woman was left desperate and hurt after her boyfriend allegedly left her alone in hospital to watch England take on Denmark in the Euro 2020 semi-final.

Writing on Reddit, the girlfriend, 27, said she had developed appendicitis while the pair were on a weekend away and so she was forced to stay in a hospital around four hours from their home.

She was due to be discharged on Wednesday and so her partner, 39, returned to pick her up. She acknowledged the “timing was bad” because of the football match and so suggested her man book a room near the hospital so that he wouldn’t miss it.

The 27-year-old argued that they’d still have a long drive back to their house so they’d be better off staying put for the night. But her boyfriend was determined to watch the game at a friend’s house and insisted “he’d make it,” she explained.

The plan took a turn for the worst when she was delayed in being released from the hospital. “After a couple of hours he sent me a text that he had to leave or he’d miss the game,” she wrote.

The Redditor continued: “I begged him to not leave and reminded him I could book a hotel. But he left without me, and luckily made it on time to see the start of the game. He said he’d come pick me up tomorrow (today) instead.

“The hospital wouldn’t let me stay another night or leave alone. Luckily, one of my friends came to get me in the end. She didn’t get to the hospital until late and we got back to London around 2am.”

The 27-year-old went on to explain that she spent the evening calling and texting her partner but he just ignored her. Instead, he sent her one WhatsApp back saying he’d pick her up later.

“When I got home in the night he was so angry at me,” she went on. “He said I was the most selfish a**hole for constantly ringing and texting him during the game and that I ruined the game for him and embarrassed him in front of his friends.”

The devastated girlfriend – who said that she’s not English herself – ended her post by asking fellow Redditors whether she was at fault for “not understanding the cultural significance of football and asking my boyfriend to do a completely unreasonable drive to pick me up.”

However, she also acknowledged that “we could have watched the game in a hotel room and I wouldn’t have been left alone in a hospital in another country.”


Her message was met with a flood of support from fellow Redditors who condemned the boyfriend for prioritising sport over her.

“He put a game over you! A game!” one wrote. “He wasn’t playing in it, he wanted to watch other people play a game leaving you stranded at hospital and THEN he had the AUDACITY to be mad at YOU for interrupting his watching a GAME.

“Dump him now,” they added. “You mean nothing to him and he’s proven that.”

Another commented: “I totally agree and I am English. Yes, it’s coming home and it’s an amazing achievement for our country, but I would NEVER abandon my partner at the hospital just so as not to miss the first minutes of the game.

“He could have listened to the radio whilst driving you home until he could join his friends. He is [unbelievably] selfish. You can not depend upon him when you need him so he is definitely not partnership material.”

And a third listed six points for the woman to consider:

  1. “He abandoned you in another town with no way home (that he knew of when he chose to just leave).
  2. “He told you a game is more important than you are.
  3. “He told you his friends are more important than you are.
  4. “He told you his pleasure is more important than your needs or feelings.
  5. “He is angry at you for being upset about 1-4.
  6. “He has convinced you that 1-5 (his anger at being called out!) are your fault, taking no responsibility for his selfish choices and bad behaviours.”

They added: “Please please leave him, and get therapy to help you relearn that YOU ARE IMPORTANT too.”

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