A woman who went viral for putting Gorilla Glue in her hair has now released a rap song about the ordeal.

Tessica Brown, also known as the ‘Gorilla Glue girl’, self-released the song on Friday titled ‘Ma Hair’.

The song, which now has over 44k views on YouTube, features Brown recounting how her hair became stuck for a month after she mistakenly used Gorilla Glue’s adhesive-spray on it.

Brown became a viral sensation in February after the fiasco and has since amassed over 51 million views and 8 million likes on her TikTok video (@im_d_ollady) where she showed her hair firmly fixed to her head by the adhesive.


Stiff where????? Ma hair 🤬🤬

Thankfully, Brown had the glue removed from her hair in a four-hour procedure carried out for free by a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon called Dr. Michael Obeng.

Nine months later, Brown’s new song includes lyrics detailing the ordeal – they include “hair went from silky to solid” and “I swear that I will never touch Gorilla Glue again cause now my hair, it don’t move”.

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In recent days, Brown has posted several videos of her and her fans dancing to ‘Ma Hair to her 1.4 million TikTok followers - one of her videos even has over 3.1 million views.


Ok y’all #MaHair is out NOW on all music platforms! Let’s see your best #mahairdancechallenge & tag me in it! Produced by @Phil Valley

Brown’s comment section was divided in their reaction to the song, with one user commenting “this is a bop hold on” and another said “you Got2B joking”.

The song comes after countless memes were made about Brown and a mention by Nicki Minaj on her song ‘Fractions’.

According to TMZ, Brown and her team reached out to Nicki Minaj in hopes of getting her to feature on the track but there was no response.

But, maybe we can expect a Gorilla Glue girl and Nicki Minaj collaboration in the future! Or, not.

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