This granddad just got stood up by his date and the internet is mad

Twitter / Gabbyforesta1

We've all had good dates and bad dates. It's par for the course, but when Gab tweeted a photo of her granddad after he got stood up on a date - the Twittersphere couldn't handle it.

What was possible most heartbreaking, was that he had bought her flowers and chocolate, and driven 45 minutes to discoer his date was a no-show.

People were not happy:

People wanted to get even:

Gab filmed her granddad as she told him about the tweet and its reaction.

She said, “A couple of hundred thousand of people want to take you out.”

And he responded:

How am I going to get them all in? I’m famous. That’s something.

I’m speechless to tell you the truth. I think it's really funny. One good thing came out of it, this ticker in here feels a bit better right now. That makes my heart feel a lot better, rather than being so sad and lonely. 

We're not crying. You're crying.

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