Scary footage shows diver narrowly avoid the jaws of a great white shark

Scary footage shows diver narrowly avoid the jaws of a great white shark
‘I was bitten and spat out’: Man recalls encounter with great white ...

Terrifying footage captured a diver’s narrow escape from the jaws of a great white shark after it broke the cage he was in.

The unbelievably close encounter was captured by the team behind Discovery's Shark Week who were just as terrified as any other viewer by what unfolded.

In the clip, “experienced shark expert” and diver Jimi Partington was suspended in the ocean in a clear perspex cage when a huge great white began circling.

After coming within touching distance a couple of times, the shark then went deeper underwater before launching itself at Partington and shattering the cage in the process throwing the diver into the water.

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Partington clung to the largest piece of the perspex cage that remained while other people could be heard shouting, clearly alarmed by the situation. He then made a terrifying swim for his life.

Speaking to CNN about the incident, Shark Week producer and director Jeff Kurr said: “It’s something I’ll never forget. I’ve been doing Shark Week for 32 years – I’ve never seen anything like that, an encounter like that.

“That fact that we captured it on camera, I actually thought he was dead. When a 16-foot great white shark comes at you like that, it’s almost something that’s unsurvivable.

“But somehow Jimi, who was in the cage, he managed to survive without a scratch, which is unbelievable – to have a shark that big coming that fast with an open mouth like that.”

Kurr admitted that even watching the footage back now makes his “heart flutter” because of how “helpless” he felt in the moment as Partington had no other choice but to “swim for it”.

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