A homeless man was living in a woman's home for an entire day without her even realising

A homeless man was living in a woman's home for an entire day without her even realising
Gen-Z Living in Home Depot Shed in VIRAL TikTok

A woman was mortified to learn a homeless man had been living in her apartment without consent.

In a viral clip that's garnered over half a million views in two days, TikTok user @decarahh shared the shocking revelation with the platform. She explained how she had received an email from her luxury apartment block in Tucson telling tenants to watch for a homeless man roaming the building. They said police were on the way because they couldn't find him.

The woman went about her day and headed to the gym – but made the unfortunate error of not locking the front door.

"It's a habit that I've formed over the year because my roommates are usually home, and so like, somebody's always here – but they moved out a few days ago, so I'm living alone," she explained.

Later that day, she received a second email to encouraged people to lock their doors because the man hadn't yet been located.

"Instantly, I'm like ', holy f***, I did not lock my door'," she said and checked the four en-suite bedrooms.

One of the doors was locked and to her horror, she heard a man snoring and "movement in the f***ing room."

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It wasn't until the doorknob started rattling that she was "paralysed" with fear.

The TikToker quickly exited her apartment to the downstairs lobby after shouting: "Hey, if there’s anybody in here, I’m literally leaving for five minutes. Just please leave."

While waiting for her friend in the lobby, the lift door opened and the homeless man stepped out.

"It’s like ‘our’ homeless man," the woman said in the clip. "I call him ‘our’ because he’s ours. He’s like literally always around this fucking building all the time, and he also chased my roommate in our garage the other day."


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The videos were inundated with comments, with multiple people criticising the woman for not locking her door: "You get that email and still leave your door unlocked after lol," one said.

Another baffled user quizzed: "Unlocked doors? In these times?"

Later, the TikToker cleared up more backlash, saying: "FAQ: did you call the cops? YES, watch the response vid I made! Why didn’t you call the front desk? After 5, they’re closed & there’s no security!"

Meanwhile, others joked, "He ain’t homeless he’s ur roommate now."

"This was like watching a movie with bad decisions being made repeatedly," another jested.

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