Woman tells husband to water her plants after she passes away. Years later he discovers they're plastic

Antonia Nicol

When a loved one dies, dealing with the loss is incredibly difficult.

Every now and again, however, you'll be reminded of the greatest aspects of their personality through a memento or memory, and that can really help.

This is exactly what happened with one Twitter user's story about her late mother's plants went viral.

Firefighter at the London Fire Brigade, Antonia Nicol, tweeted:

The tweet has since received 27,000 retweets and 87,000 likes, as people emotionally connected with the tale.

Antonia's mother, Phedre Fitton, died when she was 69 following five years with cancer. Antonia told indy100:

She'd fought cancer for 5 years but it beat her in the end in November 2013. My parents live in South Africa whilst I live here, so it was a very difficult time for us all.

When my dad found out that he'd been watering plastic plants for years, it was so funny for all of us and made us feel like she was still with us.

Picture:Picture: Antonia Nicol

People were quick to message Antonia with compassion and good faith.

She even shared a picture of her dad reenacting watering them:

Antonia told indy100 that the response to her tweet has been generally positive and has helped the reminisce about Phedre:

The response has generally been incredible. My dad has been overwhelmed by the level of interest and so have I. It's so lovely to hear my friends and family talking and remembering my mum again. She would have loved this so much.

They met when they were 16 years old. They have been together all their lives. They worked together. It was an absolute tragedy that they never got to spend their old age together.

Picture:Picture: Antonia Nicol

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