Ice cream vans join together for funeral procession of ice cream man – and people’s hearts are melting

An ice cream man who passed away was given a fitting tribute during his funeral, when several vans followed the hearse playing jingles.

The video, filmed in the London area of Camberwell by Louisa Davies, was shared on Twitter on Friday.

“Just witnessed an ice cream man’s funeral and all the ice cream vans came and followed in solidarity I AM SOBBING,” she tweeted.

The clip has since gone viral online, receiving more than 9.8 million views at the time of writing.

The Daily Mail reports that the funeral was held for 62-year-old Hasan Dervish, who was described as “King of the ice cream” by his brother.

“Rest in piece, my eternal brother,” Savash Turkel wrote.

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Other Twitter users have also been moved by the emotional footage, with some sharing their own clips of the procession of ice cream vans:

After the video went viral, his brother Savash Turkel told Sky News he had worked as an ice cream man for 40 years. He said: “It was a passion for him. He had always worked as an ice cream man, and he went on to set up an ice cream factory in Lewisham in the early 2000s.

“He was very popular among customers and other ice cream men, if it wasn’t for the pandemic I think lots more ice cream men would have been part of the procession.

“He was a well-loved family man, a good father, and he was loved by everybody he met.”

A truly sweet send-off in every sense of the word.

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