Eye tricking ‘illusion dress’ goes viral on TikTok

Eye tricking ‘illusion dress’ goes viral on TikTok

Women are losing their minds over an optical illusion dress that appears to be able to take inches off their waist.

Fashion Nova’s dress creation is able to trick the eye due to the flattering black, white and brown vertical-lined pattern.

The front tie design, which is sewn into both sides, also brings the illusion together to create the popular hourglass shape.

Of course, it was the perfect outfit to go viral and did so after TikToker Jem (@xojemian) shared a video of herself wearing the dress she bought from the fashion brand.

In the video, which now has 2.7m views and over 300,00 likes, Jem films herself modelling the dress and shows how the illusion begins to instantly take inches off her waist when she ties it together.

“Looks like my organs were tied together,” she joked in the comments section of her video.


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People also took to the comments section to share their surprise (and confusion) at how well the illusion worked.

One person wrote: “Girl, it almost looked like you cut yourself in half for a second,” with a laughing emoji.

“I’m high and couldn’t comprehend that for so long,” another person said.

Someone else added: “When I tell you I GASPED.”

“I can’t stop watching this, I’m so confused,” a fourth person replied.

Consider ourselves influenced.

As a result of the dress becoming a viral sensation, the $23.99 (original price $39.99) “Mind of My Own” dress is now sold out in every size on the Fashion Nova website.

Those who were lucky enough to get their hands on it have given their thoughts as to whether it lives up to the hype.

Mid-size fashion influencer Nana Castro (@itsnanacastro) decided to try it out for herself and was not disappointed.


So I bought the Viral Waist Illusion Dress #fyp #midsize #tryon #viraldress #TreatiestCupContest #IKnowWhatYouDid

“When I put [the dress] on and saw the way it accentuated my curves, I felt like the old me,” the 31-year-old told the New York Post. “I didn’t see ‘mom bod,’ I saw the sexy shape that I had before I had my son.”

She described her waist as looking “completely snatched.”

Another TikToker Lynette (@lynetttes17) appeared to be ahead of the trend as she showed off the mind-boggling illusion dress back in July.

“Wanna show y’all how this fashionnova dress snatches your waist,” she wrote as a video caption as the footage similarly shows her tying the dress together to cinch her waist in.


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Meanwhile, another TikToker Cloe has urged Fashion Nova to restock the dress so they can try out the illusion dress for themselves.


#stitch with @xojemian imma need this waist illusion dress from fashion nova #fyp #foryoupage #fashionnova

Although the Fashion Nova dress has sold out, SHEIN appears to be selling their own version of the popular outfit for £18.49.

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