‘Jeopardy!’ contestant just got worst score of all time - this was his doomed strategy

‘Jeopardy!’ contestant just got worst score of all time - this was his doomed strategy

Jeopardycontestant Matt King broke a new record on the game show on Tuesday - by getting one of the lowest scores in the show’s history, finishing up the show with minus $6,400.

King got off to a good start on Tuesday’s episode, winning a category about football, something most contestants struggle to nail.

However, for the attorney from Lewisville, Texas, things took a turn for the worst.

He only responded correctly eight times during the game, but he was wrong ten times. Because of his negative amount, he couldn’t compete in the Final Jeopardy round.

“Matt, I’m afraid you took your swings. That’s a strategy. It didn’t always pay off. You were close so many times, but we’re gonna have to say goodbye to you here. You’ll finish in third place with $1,000,” said guest host Ken Jennings.

People on Twitter took to the platform to praise King for his playing style, with one saying they have “respect.”

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King is not the only person to have a low score.

When guest host LaVar Burton was asking the questions in July, contestant Patrick Pearce finished up the game with a whopping -$7,400 which exceeded contestant Stephanie Hull’s score of -$6,800 in 2015.

Contestant Amy Schneider prevailed and scored her fifth win and a total amount of $170,400. She’ll be heading to the Tournament of Champions this year.

And tonight, she’s gearing up for her sixth win.

Schneider is the 25th person in the history of Jeopardy history to win at least $150,000 within her first five games.

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