Streamer who harassed Japanese people confronted by American over comments

Streamer who harassed Japanese people confronted by American over comments

Streamer who harassed Japanese people confronted by American over comments


Johnny Somali, the controversial Kick streamer known for harassing locals in Japan, was confronted by an American who was tired of Somali’s behaviour.

The streamer is currently staying in Japan and often receives criticism for his provoking behaviour towards locals.

Earlier in the year, Somali was condemned after being witnessed making racist remarks to passengers onboard a subway train in Japan. He ranted about Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and suggested he would drop atomic bombs on the Japanese cities again. He shouted that America would “destroy” Japan again because “you don’t know how to behave”.

As a result of his offensive behaviour, Somali has been confronted multiple times by locals during his live streams.

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In a clip that has now gone viral, an American walks up to Somali, showing him a photo of the streamer on his phone asking “is this you?”

“I gotta problem with you, bro”, the American said after Somali confirmed it was him.

Somali attempted to explain himself by saying he’s a “troll”.

“My wife is Japanese,” the American said. “You go there and insult people like that. Do you know how many people died from Hiroshima, and you’re joking about that s***?”

The streamer said that he was drunk during that incident and that he’d apologised, but the American didn’t stop there and the confrontation continued.

“All these families suffered, people suggested because of that. You’re on the train harassing people like that… don’t do it again, bro. I’ve seen how people in Tokyo whoop your a**. You’re lucky I don’t do the same.”

“Is that a threat?” Somali responded.

“It is, yes,” replied the American. “Because you go around harassing people like that - innocent people who didn’t do anything, Japanese people… and you’re out here f***ing with them like that. For what, bro? For a little bit of clout? It’s pathetic.”

“Don’t do it again,” the American added, before the two shook hands.

Many praised the American for calling out Somali and his behaviour, hoping to see a change in the streamer.

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