If you've been on Twitter in the last few days you may have seen a viral clip taken from the Key & Peele comedy sketch show.

The original sketch, which is from 2014, sees the actor and director Jordan Peele, impersonate Barack Obama meeting and greeting people after making a speech.

In the skit, Peele gives white people a very professional and short greeting but when he meets a black person, he gives them a hug and engages in banter.

Here is the original sketch:

Despite it being four years old, the internet has found a way to appropriate it in a new way.

By labelling Peele as either 'me' or another figure, the people that he warmly embraces are representative of things that are universally loved, with the other folks representing things that are just a bit 'meh'.

For example, here is 'Obama' meeting and greeting the Marvel movies.

That tweet, which was the original incarnation of the meme, soon went viral and has spawned many, equally hilarious imitations that focus on sports, video games, food and mental health.

Needless to say, this is Twitter's new favourite meme and even Peele himself is loving it.

HT Lad Bible

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