4-year-old boy triumphs of hundreds of man with same name in first-ever ‘Josh Fight’

4-year-old boy triumphs of hundreds of man with same name in first-ever ‘Josh Fight’

It’s not every day that hundreds of people with the same name gather in a field to fight over the name but that is clearly what the pandemic has done to people.

On Saturday, hundreds of men who has the first name Josh were summoned to a field in Lincoln, Nebraska to participate in the inaugural ‘Battle of the Joshes’.

Armed with pool-noodle (those long thing bits of foam you get at a swimming pool) the hundreds of Joshes that turned up battled it out until four-year-old Josh Vinson Jr, aka ‘Little Josh’ was declared the winner.

Vinson Jr was awarded a Burger King and an All Elite Wrestling world championship belt and hoisted up in the air like a true champion.

This is all well and good but you’re probably asking yourself what on Earth was going on here.

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This whole event was the mastermind of 22-year-old University of Arizona student Josh Swain, who when bored during lockdown decided to create a Facebook group for people who shared his first name and essentially challenged them to a ‘fight’.

“We fight, whoever wins gets to keep the name, everyone else has to change their name. You have a year to prepare, good luck,” he wrote in the original group post and the whole thing soon blew up and went viral around the world.

Amongst all this another Josh Swain challenged the first Josh Swain to a game of rock-paper-scissors which the original Josh Swain won. He can now call himself the ‘real Josh Swain.’

Speaking to AP News, Swain said: “I did not expect people to be as adamant about this as they are right now.”

Fittingly a lot of those who turned up dressed in superhero and Star Wars outfits making the spectacle resemble something from Attack of the Clones.

This wasn’t just for laughs though. The participants reportedly donated between 200 to 300 pounds of food to the Lincoln Food Banks and raised more than $8000 for the Children’s Hospital & Medical Center Foundation in Omaha.

No word yet on whether the many who lost will actually be changing their names...

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