News site mocked for hit piece on Kamala Harris complaining that she uses wired headphones

<p>Kamala Harris with her wired headphones</p>

Kamala Harris with her wired headphones

Twitter/Kamala Harris

Wired or tired?

Politico has come under fire after publishing a seemingly disapproving article on Vice President Kamala Harris’ use of wired headphones - as opposed to opting for a bluetooth pair instead.

The authors of the piece chalked up her decision to do so as a sign of “Bluetooth-phobia” in the headline.

“NEW: Kamala Harris has long felt that Bluetooth headphones are a security risk. So, she insists on using wired ones, 3 fmr campaign aides told @rubycramer and me. That Bluetooth phobia remains (if you look closely, you'll see the clump of wires in hand),” wrote Alex Thompson, one of the three authors of the Politico piece.

After saying that a “recurring theme” of the VP is to take extra security measures—such as preferring text to email during her 2016 Senate bid and not allowing anyone in her office alone while serving as attorney general in California—the authors further criticized Harris’ tech piece of choice, writing: “But still, should someone who travels with the nuclear football be spending time untangling her headphone wires? The American people deserve answers!”

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In a follow up tweet Thompson added that the journalists had “asked Harris' office for any background on the particular security risks she believes Bluetooth technology represents,” though they did not respond.

The White House Deputy Press Secretary, Chris Meager, has since responded to the article on Twitter, “The intrepid, substantive reporting on @VP continues.”

Senior adviser to the VP Symone Sanders also shared her reaction on Twitter.

Those in the Biden administration are not alone in finding the Politico article to be absurd. In fact, many have shared their thoughts on the triviality of the journalistic piece, the support of Harris’ valid security concerns, and even noted a deeper misogynistic media trend on women in the White House.

“NEW from Politico: Former aides say Kamala Harris prefers drumsticks to flats, Pepsi to Coke, and Crystal hot sauce to Tabasco. Read more to find out how this telegraphs doom for Democrats in 2024,” read one tweet.

Another wrote,“Media has an absolute shitfit when Hilary uses a private email server then pretends to be baffled and annoyed when Harris always chooses a more secure comms option. Gosh what's the commonality here??”

Aaron Rupar tweeted, “The Vice President choosing to use secure headphones is not a story, not even on a slow news day.”

In response to the above tweet, one person commented, “You know damn well the headline would read "V.P. Purchases $200 Air Pod Pros While Average American Families Struggle to Buy Their Weekly 400 Gallons of Milk" if she didn't use wired headsets.”

Another self-proclaimed “Politico apologist” admitted that while “a few good reporters work there” this “junk is just dumb though.”

The added, “I proudly stand alongside @VP @KamalaHarris as a fellow wired headphones user who wouldn't leave random visitors alone in my office either.”

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