This wine company's new ad campaign is '#TasteTheBush' so we might as well give up

Another day, another advertising campaign low.

Online wine company Premier Estates has just launched a new video ad, and while we know this article is technically free publicity, it's definitely not the same thing as good publicity.

Premier Estates writes on its website that it likes to "keep things simple because we know that some people find wine too complicated", and it appears they've applied the same intellectual rigour to the campaign.

New customers are invited to "#TasteTheBush' via a 30-second video for their Australian shiraz. A beautiful, well dressed actor with an Aussie accent sings the wine's praises and finishes extolling its virtues by placing the glass on the table in front of her with the line:

Australia practically jumps out of the glass. In fact, some say you can almost taste the bush.

The advert was designed by London based agency Saatchi Masius and is described as employing "classic British humour". The Twitterati very quickly disagreed, giving Premier Estates a taste of real British truth bullets:

When contacted by for comment on calls for the company to get in the sea, Premier Estates said their press officer was unavailable.

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