'Thinkfluencers' posting cringe LinkedIn posts about what CEOs can learn from Zelensky
Ukrainian president praised for sending defiant message from Kyiv
Twitter/Volodymyr Zelensky

Where you have social media, you will find influencers - including LinkedIn. And those LinkedIn influencers are generating online cringe by using the Ukraine-Russia conflict to make inspirational posts and build an audience.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has continuously made headlines as a model example of a world leader.

The president refused to evacuate the country and opted to fight with Ukrainian soldiers, given powerful speeches to world leaders in the hopes they will provide Ukraine with additional resources, and will not surrender to Russia.

Zelensky's inspiration is eye-catching to all, so of course, 'thinkfluencers' are using Zelensky's bravery for their own growth-hacking ends - which Twitter user @oliviasolon pointed out.

'Thinkfluencers' are influencers who want an audience to look to them for professional advice. Typically they post aspirational content related to current events on LinkedIn.

But the cringe of the 'thinkfluencers' posts is palpable.

While war is raging in Ukraine and civilians are dying, people are taking advantage of the tragedy to obtain engagement on social media.

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In one LinkedIn post, a company founder posted a poll asking followers to 'agree' or 'disagree' that "Zelensky is the greatest world leader of our age."

A LinkedIn user asks followers to interact on a poll based on Zelesnky's leadership Stephen Sacks / LinkedIn

Another LinkedIn user posted, "Confession: I have to admit that while watching this war on TV and Twitter, having lived through the endlessly ambiguous Iraq War, I'm envious of the Ukrainian fighters, both military and civilian, for having the honor of participating in such a noble cause."

'Thinkfluencers' use current events to make inspirational posts and gain a following Daniel Savage / LinkedIn

There's a long history of people profiting from humanitarian crises and wars. LinkedIn influencers are just one type.

And it seems everyone's feelings about them can be summed up by @ryanlaf on Twitter: "2022 was the year I discovered where the block button on LinkedIn is."

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