'Lottery winner' flooded with support for refusing to share prize with in-laws

'Lottery winner' flooded with support for refusing to share prize with in-laws
Virginia man surprised to win $1 million lottery after he thought winning …
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A woman has been flooded with support after revealing how she and her partner refused to share their alleged lottery winnings with her family.

Posting to Reddit, the 29-year-old claimed that she and her husband, 35, “recently won a life changing amount of money” and had agreed to share it out with their respective families.

Keeping the news secret initially, they decided to host a get-together to tell their relatives that they would all have their debts paid off and get a house, plus a lump sum of cash.

An only child, the woman explained that the lucky recipients would be her widowed mother, her parents-in-law and her husband’s five siblings, despite him only being “extremely close” to three of them. She said that he “could not care less” about the other two “due to the way they treat us”.

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Continuing her thread in the AmItheA**hole channel, she said: “We set the time [and] place and let everyone know. Unfortunately the [two] siblings we don't get along with didn't bother to respond to the message we sent and told the inlaws they had no interest in coming to our house for some stupid family getalong party.”

What a mistake that was.

The Redditor went on to say that, at the end of the lunch, when her parents-in-law asked about whether the missing two siblings would receive anything, her husband said: “All were invited, they didn't respond to us and from what they told you I think we will rethink our offer and give nothing.

“If they can't spare two hours of [their] time and give nothing but attitude then why should we help?”

The poster said her in-laws “flipped” at their response, adding that they “yelled directly at me and called me selfish and said this was all my doing.” They also apparently said that if the other two weren’t getting any money then “they don’t need it either.”

She and her husband then allegedly ended the conversation by confirming that neither her parents-in-law nor the troublesome two siblings would receive a penny.

Concluding the story, she said: “We have now had non stop texts and phone calls from the inlaws and the [two] siblings that didn't show saying how horrid we are by taking away [their] future. The other siblings are with us but still think if the inlaws say sorry for [their] behaviour we should help them still.”

Her post garnered nearly 3,000 likes and 470 comments in less than 24 hours on Reddit as fellow users flooded to support their decision.

“The fact they said ‘they had no interest in coming to our house for some stupid family getalong party’ is proof you are doing the right thing,” one wrote.

“Why would you give money to people who disrespect you?” a second asked.

While a third commented passionately: “You and your partner are seeing the true character of the in-laws and [two] siblings. Life changes, especially money, brings out the worst in people.

“Entitlement is a relationship killer because there is no such thing. None of them are entitled to a penny let alone the generosity that you have shown them. This was a GIFT not an OBLIGATION.

“The two of you are no more responsible for their futures today than you were the day before you won the lotto.”

Amen to that.

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