Man channels Aladdin by creating a ‘magic flying carpet’

Man channels Aladdin by creating a ‘magic flying carpet’

A YouTuber has taken a leaf out of Aladdin’s book by using his engineering talents to create a magic flying carpet - just like in the Disney classic.

Posting on his YouTube channel, RhyzOrDie last month, Mark Dutton or Rhyz was able to hover and glide around the streets of Dubai on his magic carpet - just like Aladdin did when he pretended to be “Prince Ali” in order to impress Princess Jasmine.

Members of the public were amazed by the Disney recreation and can be seen watching and filming the YouTuber on their phones as he floats past them.

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His video has since been viewed over 90,000 times, with people loving the nod to the 1992 film and also were praising Rhyz’s stunt in the comments.

One person wrote: “You just lifted the mood of passers-by.”

“Very cool footage using the hydrofoil board! Love that you filtered out the shaft to make it look like it’s floating.. cool stuff!” another person said.

Someone else added: “This is amazing! You made magic!”

So how was he able to pull off this stunt?

Forget the magic genie, as the content creator was able to create the carpet by assembling a PVC pipe frame to a longboard before fastening a carpet in place on top to pull off the illusion.

But it wasn’t just the streets of Dubai that Rhyz wanted to fly over, as he then shows himself floating over the sea at Sorrow Beach.

To do this, some modifications were needed as the YouTuber replaced the longboard with a more water-friendly eFoil board which is a surfboard with an electric propeller.

Though simply getting out and navigating the carpet wouldn’t be as easy as the behind the scenes video shows, it took Rhyz some practice before being able to seamlessly channel Aladdin’s adventure.

“They’re pretty difficult to ride, coming from somebody who has endured board sports his whole entire life,” he admitted.

Once he got used to the hydroelectric board, Rhyz then fixed the carpet by using the GoPro mounts in order to mount the PVC frame to the board, after a few teething problems, Rhyz managed to get the shots he wanted as he effortlessly glided over the sea with the sun setting in the background.

However, Rhyz wasn’t done there and explained how he wanted to “push it” and “show something that truly resembled the magic carpet ride” by using CGI to remove the mask from the e-foil board.

Guess you could say Rhyz saw a whole new world on his carpet board.

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