Man sparks debate after giving bizarre reaction to missing his 5am walk

Man sparks debate after giving bizarre reaction to missing his 5am walk
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A man missed his daily 5am walk - and reacted pretty badly.

Posting on Reddit, his wife explained that he has been waking up for the 2 hour walk every night for the last month. She said he isn't doing it for fitness reasons but that she was "happy for him" until the day he missed his walk.

"Yesterday, he came home in the evening after working for long hours then stayed up late playing with his phone," she said. "I went to bed at 10 after getting done with the mess and everything.

"I woke up by him yelling at me at 7am asking me why I didn't wake him up for his 5am walk. He said he missed it and I'm responsible for that. I was so confused I said that first of all, he always wakes up by setting his alarm, why should I be expected to wake him up this time.

The fight continued and he said he used the walks "to improve his health and restore his energy and help him feel better." She said she "made a comment about how missing one walk won't hurt but he unloaded on yelling about how I was trying to prevent him for doing his hobby for some unknown reason.

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"I told him he was sorely mistaken even though I admit that those daily 5am walks around the veteran's park are weird but also his reaction? I really thought it was over the top. He stormed off and went to shower saying I ruined his entire day.

He "storm off" and has been avoiding her. He is "sulking non stop" and she doesn't know what to do.

Reacting to the story, people were suspicious. One said: "For real, that's a totally weird response to being tired and missing a walk... a 2 hour walk..."

"Yeah I'm sitting here wondering why he has to see his drug dealer or mistress at 5am," another said.

And a third wrote: "I am with everyone else so far. This isn't a two hour walk. He is either doing drugs or meeting someone for sex. No one who is super tired and forgot to set an alarm, would be that mad about missing a walk, unless something is happening on that walk."

Maybe he just has an unhealthy relationship with his Fitbit?

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