Man sparks debate after he chops up popsicle to avoid sucking it

Man sparks debate after he chops up popsicle to avoid sucking it
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A controversial TikTok showing a man cutting his popsicle to avoid sucking it has sparked a furious debate across the platform.

The viral clip, which was intended to be a joke, shows TikTok user @stizzymacktype cooking in the kitchen with a blue popsicle in one hand and a knife in another. He chops off a piece of the popsicle to eat – to avoid sucking something that looks phallic.

A child can be heard saying: “This is how my dad eats his popsicles… He doesn’t suck on his popsicles, no sir.”

The video, which racked up over three million views, was captioned, "I don’t suck on popsicles. That’s Gee Aye Why." Naturally, it soon backfired with thousands of comments. Some took the clip with a pinch of salt, with one joking that they eat their "in a dish with a spoon." Another admitted that they, too, chop up their popsicle.

A third user commented, "never caught lacking bro", while another joked: "I don't know what’s funnier, the video or people taking him seriously."

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On the flip side, others slammed the man for "fragile masculinity", highlighting that it's just food and "not that deep."

"You to grown for that, bro," one TikTok user pointed out. "Teaching your kids this bs, you should be godamn ashamed," another added.

The TikToker jumped to his defence and said people were taking his clip "too serious" with the "hate comments."

He added: "Just me and my daughter in the kitchen cooking n enjoying each other's company.

Indy100 reached out to @stizzymacktype for comment.

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