The Most Relaxing Beach Destinations in the World

If you’ve ever been on an empty bus and had someone sit directly beside you, you can probably identify with what this woman felt when she saw a man park himself in front of her on an empty beach.

TikToker @korynnec shared the clip along with the on-screen text: “When an old man parks himself 10 ft in front of ur towel on a completely empty beach while u were napping and u know what needs to be done”.

In the video, she shows the man lying down on his towel a short distance in front of her and gave him the finger.

In another clip, she’s lying on her tummy and catches the man looking at her before he put his head down in his hands again.

She then propped her camera up on her towel and got her revenge.

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She recorded herself running full-speed towards the water - flicking sand in his face as she went.

He sat up and looked around to see the TikToker book it towards the sea.

In the next clip, he’s seen moving away from her spot.


PROMISE I’ll make u more uncomf then u make me, also my flat feet grip sand as good as a shovel #baywatch #handled

Since the video was uploaded last month, it has received 3.8 million views, 481,000 likes, and 3700 comments.

She captioned the clip: “PROMISE I’ll make u more uncomf then u make me, also my flat feet grip sand as good as a shovel.”

One commenter wrote: “This is like when you’re the only person on the 500 treadmills at the gym and someone gets on the one right next to you.”

Another said: “Hahaha you almost ran him over.”

Others questioned why she gave him any attention at all, with some telling her that it “seems like you’re the problem”.

One commenter asked: “Girl what you just gave him a show?”

“If he wasn’t bothering you get over yourself,” another said.

But another viewer wrote: “Y’all missing the point. he chose right by her, out of a whole beach. any cautious person wouldn’t like it.”

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