Here is how to take the mental age test that's gone viral on TikTok

Here is how to take the mental age test that's gone viral on TikTok
We took the viral TikTok quiz that claims to reveal what type ...

A new quiz has taken over TikTok which claims to reveal what your mental age is and it's going viral as people share their answers. Here is how to participate in the quiz yourself.

Scrolling on your For You page, you may have recently noticed people sharing their real age, alongside their mental age which they have discovered.

Much like previous viral quizzes such as the human feeling test, this mental age quiz is multiple-choice with people answering what kind of characteristics they portray and the sort of decisions they make and it supposedly uses artificial intelligence to calculate this answer.

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During our lives, some of us may have been told we are mature for our age or young at heart depending on what we have experienced and the quiz calculates our answers to determine what specific age this is.


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What is this quiz?

The Mental Age Test is said to have Japanese origin and this website version was published back in November 2013.

According to Google Analytics reports, more than 27,292,000 people from more than 156 countries have taken this test, the website explained in its information section and added it can also be translated into 32 languages.

It also says that the quiz is "very reliable," according to "most of the users' reactions," since "Almost 10 per cent of people who completed this test have shared it on Facebook and Twitter."

However there is no study or research cited on the website to support its accuracy, and so this is something to keep in mind but this can be a fun quiz to do for entertainment!

How do I take the quiz?

To begin with, those who want to try out the quiz for themselves must visit the website here and this will take you to the landing page where it explains what the test is all about.

Before you begin, it gives the option of entering your real age or whether you would prefer to keep this a secret - after choosing this select "START" to commence the quiz.

The quiz landing page

Once you start the quiz, statements or questions will appear like the one below which will give you different options to answer from - for example true, false or neither for the statements: "I have my principles," and "I don't want to talk about complicated things."

Though there may be more than one option for questions such as "I spent most of my time," which lists all the different types of social media - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat etc.

All-in-all, there are 31 different questions to answer which range in terms of the topics mentioned.

Here is what the questions will look like on screen

After answering all of these questions, your mental age will then appear on the screen where you can share them on your social media profiles.

Many popular videos of this quiz on TikTok tend to take a screenshot of their result to include in their clip.

You should see you answer displayed after you answer the questions

On TikTok, videos with the hashtag "mental age test" have received over 8.6m views, as people have been sharing their responses on the platform.

To take part in the trend, answer the mental age quiz and share you answer in a TikTok video.

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