There are now virtual-reality strip clubs in the metaverse where avatars grind on each other

There are now virtual-reality strip clubs in the metaverse where avatars grind on each other
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If you're tired of your real life, the metaverse offers a multitude of options to get away from your dull existence.

But despite the digital realm offering an array of mind-bending experiences that simply couldn't be experienced in every day life, some digital dwellers are choosing to hang out in digital strip clubs.

Brit Dawson, a writer from Mel Magazine got to experience this first hand when she decided to take a visit to several metaverse dance joints.

In her piece, My Night at the Metavere's Seediest Strip Clubs, Dawson visits three strip clubs, the main and most frequented one being Club Ruby.

From her account, Club Ruby sound a bit bizarre with some people acting as though they're in the hot-and-heavy environment and others acting as though it's one big joke.

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"Our ranks include a giant hot dog who’s grinding on one of the poles, a twerking stick-figure robot, a guy in devil horns who claps whenever the robot shakes its ass and a girl with Steve Harvey’s face and SpongeBob’s body. I watch as she tries — and fails — to shake hands with a giant red chili pepper on legs." Dawson recalls.

Sounds accurate.

With VR headsets becoming more accessible, kooky virtual reality spaces, like strip clubs, are of interest to metaverse frequenters.

This is in part thanks to Covid too which helped boost the popularity of virtual reality dating, sex, porn, and even weddings. Now, it seems people are more comfortable going 'out' from the comforts of their home.

"For a minute, I forget that I’m not actually in this strip club (that, yes, I’ve grown kind of fond of), but actually just standing in the middle of my living room with electric goggles on, watching pretty freaky avatars grind on each other from the comfort of their own living rooms," Dawson writes.

You can read Dawson's full piece here.

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