Miami Dolphins fan manages to miss his own marriage proposal at NFL game

Miami Dolphins fan manages to miss his own marriage proposal at NFL game

During Sunday’s Miami Dolphins game versus the New York Jets, a fan tried to propose to girlfriend using the Hard Rock Stadium jumbotron - but it all went wrong.

But the romantic moment was derailed after the man was missing in action when the proposal appeared on the screen.

Connor Hughes, a writer who covers the Jets for The Atlantic took to his Twitter to share the moment.

“So they just did a scoreboard proposal here at Hard Rock. However, when they cut away from this graphic to where the two are supposed to be sitting, the guy wasn’t there! Just the girl, sitting there, hand over mouth! Dude must have been in the concession line lol,” he captioned his tweet.

In a fortunate turn of events, it seems that there was a happy ending for the couple, as Hughes said the man returned to his “seat several minutes later” and that the woman “had the ring on her finger.”

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People in the comments had a lot to say about the moment, with some finding it hilarious.

“As someone who puts things on video boards for a living 1) this is absolutely hilarious and 2) HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN,” someone wrote.

“No way!!! Dude missed his own proposal?? LMFAO,” another added.

A third wrote: “Ugh...I hate when that happens [laughing crying emoji].”

Someone else seemed to capture the moment between the couple, and noted that the man was “in the hallway waiting for the cue.”

Check out other responses below.

The Dolphins prevailed against the Jets with a score of 31-24, marking their sixth straight win.

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