Incredible moment Miami Hurricanes fans use US flag to catch falling cat at football game

Incredible moment Miami Hurricanes fans use US flag to catch falling cat at football game

It was an eventful day at the Hard Rock Stadium on Saturday as the Miami Hurricanes took on Appalachian State – but it was the antics of one furry friend off the field that had people holding their breaths.

A cat somehow managed to get into the stadium and found itself in a sticky situation when it was spotted dangling from the upper deck, midway through the game.

The cat clung onto the railing at first first but eventually lost its grip and fell to the lower deck.

Luckily, however, some quick-thinking Hurricane fans were able to break the cat’s fall with an American flag. They then victoriously held the animal up to the crowd, as fans cheered the happy ending.

Not that the dare-devil feline was particularly grateful for its lucky landing – it could be seen clawing at its rescuers shortly after the fall.

The cat saviors were later identified as husband and wife Craig and Kimberly Cromer, whose American flag was used to cushion the cat’s fall.

Before its dreaded drop, the cat urinated on fans below it as it dangled on the edge, according to Craig.

“This is my first catch,” Craig told the Miami Herald.

They do say first time’s a charm...

Even broadcasters were transfixed and did dramatic commentary as the events unfolded.

And, as the Hard Rock Stadium holds 65,326 people, there were plenty of angles that captured the cat’s adventure.

This clearer video of the catch shows the cat landing on the American flag.

And there were plenty of others...

Despite all the attention, the cat’s whereabouts are unknown, the MiamiHerald reported, meaning the feline is perhaps on the prowl for its next adventure.

Let’s just hope it stays close to some patriots on its way.

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