Model fined $2,600 for not declaring Subway sandwich at airport

Model fined $2,600 for not declaring Subway sandwich at airport
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An Australian model was fined $2,664 for not declaring a Subway sandwich at an airport.

Perth-based model Jessica Lee took to her TikTok to share a clip in which she received a hefty penalty after she returned to Australia from Singapore with the sub.

Lee said that she bought a foot-long sandwich past customs at the Singaporean airportand intended to finish up the second half of the sandwich of finishing the second half on the flight.

But, she didn't finish the sandwich and was unfortunately caught by Australian customs officers after failing to declare the chicken and lettuce in it.

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Lee also noted that her emotional video of the innocent mistake comes at one of the worst times because she is currently unemployed and having a hard time paying rent.

"It is my mistake, but like, I bought a foot-long Subway at Singapore airport because I was a hungry girl after my 11-hour flight," \she said.

"I ate six inches before my second flight and then saved the other six inches for the flight, which they're more than happy with."

Lee also said that she thought the declaration you do on a flight is only for carry-ons and luggage, so she didn't tick off chicken or lettuce.

She also noted that she has just 28 days to pay the fine, which is right as her rent payment is due.

"'I quit my job before this trip!" she said.

The fine Lee received relates to Australia's strict biosecurity laws. She broke the law by failing to declare what she was travelling with on her Incoming Passenger Card.

People took to the comments of Lee's post to express how they felt she should've gotten a warning first before being slammed with the bill.

"Bruh, surely they could have given you a warning…. It's not like you were purposely importing it," one wrote.

Another added: "Babe, I definitely think you could contest this… I've definitely travelled so many times with food for personal consumption on the planet."

"How was your fine so expensive when people from overseas bring in bugs and shit and get let off," a third questioned.

Others shared their experiences of being fined at airports for food and other items.

"Reminds me of when my friend had to pay $400 for a handful of grapes because she crossed over the border from Sydney to Adelaide," someone added.

"I got detained for having foam nun chucks, detained after I DECLARED THEM… FOAM," another wrote.

Lee also took to the comments section to note that she would be held to the fine because she doesn't suffer a language barrier. International travellers at times may face which could let them off with a warning.

In a recent video uploaded to TikTok, Lee was sent a thank you card, Subway merch, and a gift card from the restaurant worth the exact amount of money as her fine, $2,664.

“Subway makes my fine worth every single cent,” the on-screen text read in Lee’s video.


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Additionally, Subway Australia provided a statement about the situation.

“If there’s a lesson to be learnt from all of this, it’s to always finish a Footlong in one sitting. We wanted to send one of our biggest fans a little thank you for Eating Fresh. We’re sure it will cover all her chicken and lettuce needs,” they said.

Updated 18 July to include the Subway Australia statement and new TikTok video from Lee.

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