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A woman has turned to TikTok to showcase her perfect revenge after a boyfriend cruelly dumped her for 'not being pretty enough'.

In a viral clip that's racked up almost 300,000 views, TikTok user Kim Decker, shared the conversation between her and her ex-partner.

She penned a text overlay on a 'before' photograph which detailed the exchange: “Me: so you are breaking up with me because I’m not attractive enough?

“Him: yeah I know I can find someone prettier, sorry.

“Me: okkeyyyy let’s goooooo.”

Kim then shared a video of herself working as a model on a photo shoot, along with the hashtag '#glowup'.

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okeyyyy let’s go 🥊 #foryou #glowup #fyp #viralvideo

People were in awe of her drastic transformation, with one writing, "You're so pretty it's unbelievable."

"Glow up after a relationship is the best revenge! You go girl," another user wrote, while a third reiterated: "Sucks for him he didn't see your beauty then...He didn't deserve you sweetie! You were always beautiful..."

"You’re pretty in both photos, you have great features. It’s okay some boys are not that smart," said another TikToker.

Meanwhile, in a more hysterical transformation, one man found himself quite literally glowing up... from wearing too much sunscreen.

The video begins with the on-screen text: “When your friend wears a little too much SPF moisturiser to the club in Amsterdam and there are UV lights in the bathroom.”


The level of respect I have for him sticking it out

The TikTok shows the man inside the club with a glowing white face. The sunscreen on the palms of his hands also lit up under the UV lights.

One comment with thousands of likes read: “He will look 24 when he’s 54 and he’ll be the one laughing then.”

Likening him to sparkly vampire Edward Cullen from Twilight, one TikToker wrote: “That is the skin of a killer, Bella.”

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