A man put on “a little too much” sunscreen before heading to a nightclub, causing his face to glow under the lights.

TikToker @jackremmington shared the hilarious gaffe with his 17,000 followers earlier this week.

The video begins with the on-screen text: “When your friend wears a little too much SPF moisturiser to the club in Amsterdam and there are UV lights in the bathroom.”


The level of respect I have for him sticking it out

The video then cuts to clips of his friend in the nightclub with a glowing white face. The sunscreen on the palms of his hands also lit up under the UV lights.

Since posting the clip two days ago it has garnered 4.2 million views, almost half a million likes, and 1,800 comments.

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He captioned the video: “The level of respect I have for him sticking it out.”

In the comments, the TikToker jokes: “I’ve just posted it on IG guys and tagged him so you can ask him all your skincare related questions haha.”

One comment with over 25,000 likes reads: “He will look 24 when he’s 54 and he’ll be the one laughing then.”

Dr Sandra Lee, best known as Dr Pimple Popper, also weighed in, writing: “This is awesome.”

Likening him to sparkly vampire Edward Cullen from Twilight, one TikToker wrote: “That is the skin of a killer, Bella.”

“We stan a skincare king,” another wrote.

Some asked for more videos of his friend’s new look, with one pleading: “OMG HAHAHAHA we need MORE.”

And the TikToker didn’t disappoint.

He uploaded a video comparing his friend to Mrs. Doubtfire in reference to the character’s famous “cake face”.


Reply to @cameronshorter1 Allow me to introduce Mrs Doubtfire ♥️

Skincare goals.

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