The most common questions Americans asks about each European nation

The most common questions Americans asks about each European nation
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In Europe, people can try for less than a day and find themselves in a completely different country - however for Americans travelling to European countries isn't as convenient.

With the expense coupled on top of this, the internet provides an accessible way to engage with different countries from the comfort of their homes where they can find out anything about another place in the world.

From cultural differences such as the food, the accent, sports and lifestyle, it's no surprise Americans are curious about their cousins across the pond.

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A new study reveals that the most common questions Americans asks about different countries thanks to CashNetUSA, who analysed Google Search queries.

For example, the most common question for Germany was "Why does Germany has so many roads?" while in France it was "Why does France have a rooster on their jersey?"

Here is a map of the findings for Europe:

A map of Europe that has the most common question Americans ask about that particular country CashNetUSA

According to research, the most common question Americans ask online about the UK is, “why does [the] United Kingdom drive on the left?”

For Americans, driving on the left side of the road sounds strange, but there's a history behind this.

The U.K. is one of over 70 countries in the world where people drive on the left. The practice dates back to Roman times when soldiers needed to keep their right hands free for swords, but the rule only became enshrined in British law in 1835 to reduce traffic congestion.


For Scotland, the question- was why the country wants independence. Back in 2014, a referendum was put to the people on whether they wanted Scottish independence, yes or no.

In the end "No" won with 55 per cent of the vote, while 45 per cent voted "Yes," for independence.

But in recent years the Scottish National Party (SNP) has campaigned for a second referendum, citing that the Scottish people never voted for Brexit (with 62 per cent voting Remain and 38 per cent voting to leave).


It's all about football, for the most common question Americans have about Wales who asked if the country has a national football (or soccer) team.

Wales does indeed have a football team, and the side made it to the semi-finals of Euro 2016 and last 16 round at Euro 2020. At the 2022 Qatar World Cup Wales were eliminated in the group stages where they drew with the USA, but lost to Iran (2-0) and England (3-0).

Northern Ireland

The most common question for Northern Ireland revolves around why there the country has no official local flag.

The only official flag for Northern Ireland is the Union Jack.

The Ulster Banner was previously used by the Northern Irish government from 1953 until its parliament was abolished in 1973 and so it hasn't had official status since then.

However, it is still used to represent Northern Ireland internationally in some sporting competitions such as the Commonwealth Games and their national football team.

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