MrBeast is worried he’ll go ‘broke’ after latest video

MrBeast is worried he’ll go ‘broke’ after latest video
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As the world's most popular YouTuber, MrBeast is known for his elaborate videos but there's one stunt he fears may leave him "broke".

The 25-year-old, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, has over 188 million subscribers on the video platform. Over recent years he's pulled off some expensive events for content such as recreating Squid Game and having his very own Olympics.

Recently, MrBeast was number one on the Forbes Top Creators 2023, after he amassed earnings of $82m - however, a recent stunt could prove costly.

Donaldson has pledged to give a man $10,000 for every day if he can cope with living in a shop, and as it goes, the guy is hanging in there.

He also noted that the shop isn't operating as a store currently and that he "blacked out the windows and locked it".

“I messed up.. I bought a random grocery store and told a random person I’d give him $10,000 every day he lives in it and it’s been weeks and he shows no signs of ever leaving. I’m gonna go broke," the YouTube tweeted.

This caused fans to question how long every day the guy has lasted so far, to which Donaldson replied: "It’s been over a month so far.”

It means the man has bagged himself over $300,000 with this number increasing the longer he continues to remain inside the shop.

Another person highlighted to Donaldson a video where fellow YouTuber MatPat explained how a person could survive up to 60 years locked in a supermarket.

Not exactly something MrBeast wants to hear, since 60 years inside the shop would set him back $219m - although spending most of your life inside a dark shop isn't exactly ideal.

There isn't a video out yet on Donaldson's YouTube channel about this particular challenge, so guess we'll have to wait and see how long the guy lasts...

Meanwhile, fans have previously been concerned that the YouTuber was broke after someone who looks like Donaldson was spotted flying economy on a Taiwanese airline.

However, the identity of the man in the photo has not been confirmed nor has Donaldson responded to the image.

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