Munya Chawawa's latest parody gets Liz Truss spot on

Munya Chawawa's latest parody gets Liz Truss spot on
Comedian Munya Chawawa parodies Liz Truss
Munya Chawawa

Comedian Munya Chawawa has proved he never misses with his latest parody about new prime minister Liz Truss.

In a hilarious sketch, the funny man pretends he is a government employee stuck in a lift with the country's new leader which leads to an awkward interaction as his caption described: "Liz Truss’s first day in the new job."

Chawawa chopped up clips from Truss's memorable speech from the 2014 Conservative Party Conference while she was Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs about pork markets and cheese.

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This also included her uncomfy smiley gazes and long pauses which Chawawa humorously subtitled as "*Gazes in gas bailout*" and "*Smirking in soaring energy bills*" in reference to the UK's soaring energy costs while elevator music plays in the background.

"I have to confess. I was surprised to be appointed...," Truss said, and Chawawa quipped: "Think a lot of people were."

"....Because of what I have in common with cheese," the new PM added.

"Well, I suppose if your cheese that makes me..." Chawawa replied but before he could answer Truss chimed in and said: "Black pudding," to which the comedian awkwardly nodded "in HR."

Moving on, he asked Truss what she was up to this weekend, and her gave her meme-worthy response: "I'll be in Beijing, opening up new pork markets."

While Chawawa replied he would be "down the pub with my mates," 'Truss' wasn't impressed calling his plans a "disgrace."

Popping in his earphones, the comedian asked the prime minister what artist she listens to on the regular and Truss answered "Margaret Thatcher."

At the end of the sketch, Chawawa wished the new PM "good luck" as he explained, "Because there are people out there starving, freezing, and some people think you can fix that."

Though Truss's reply wasn't exactly confident as she exclaimed: "Well they are wrong!"

"Well, enjoy the pork markets," Chawawa added at the end of his sketch.

Elsewhere, another comedian, Nerine Skinner channelled Truss's awkward energy in an acceptance speech parody.

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