<p>Nadia Whittome</p>

Nadia Whittome

Nadia Whittome, an MP known for being the ‘Baby of the House’ at the age of 24, shared her Spotify top artists – and a very relatable story to go along with it.

On Wednesday, the Nottingham East Labour MP tweeted her top five artists on the year which included Aitch, Cardi B, Young T & Bugsey, Skepta and Megan Thee Stallion. 

She added to the post, “Not me accidentally playing WAP at full volume next to two Tory MPs thinking my headphones were connected…”

The internet was very sympathetic to Whittome’s plight of accidentally playing loud music in public, but also loved that an MP actually had cool music taste, and is just as into Cardi B’s ‘WAP’ as the general public.

People across social media called Whittome a “queen” saying, “we have exactly the same music taste,” and “i HAVE to stan Nadia now”.

“More MPs like this please,” one person on Twitter wrote. “Any MP who listens to Aitch has my vote tbh,” another person said.

There is also a political element to this comic situation, as ‘WAP’ was targeted and condemned by conservatives when it was first released for being too… inappropriate? Who knows.

“I assume Tory MPs only listen to hymns,” one person joked to Whittome, who identifies as a Democratic Socialist. Another person wrote of the Tory MPs: “I will assume their heads did a full 360 spin”.

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