The internet didn't know what to make of Kim Jong-un's jogging bodyguards

The internet didn't know what to make of Kim Jong-un's jogging bodyguards

Friday marked one of the most momentous days in history as the Korean War was officially declared to be over after 68 years.

This came after a historic summit between North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un and South Korea's leader Moon Jae-in, where both agreed to work towards peace in the region.

The pair vowed to establish a "peace zone" on the border between the two nations, which currently operates as a demilitarized zone.

The productive meeting between the two meetings was said to be a positive affair, with Kim Jong-un even cracking a few jokes - a stark contrast to the man who dominated headlines last year for his unprecedented testing of nuclear weapons.

Although this moment should be seen as significant for global politics, the internet could resist making a joke or a meme about Kim's loyal bodyguards, who ran in sync alongside their bosses limo as it crossed the border.

People were greatly impressed with their stamina and overall fitness and made a few gags.

Others found it very strange.

Bizarrely it worked quite well when set to running commentary.

In contrast, others felt that this was another unfortunate example of how North Korea treats its people as propaganda tools not dissimilar to the cheerleaders seen at the Winter Olympics.

Whether we will see a similar sight when Kim meets President Trump later this year remains to be seen.

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