Why are blue tick Twitter brands describing themselves with one word?

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Twitter is a social media platform known for condensing information in a number of characters for a tweet (280 to be precise) - but now there's a trend where official accounts are summing themselves up succinctly in just one word.

It's been dubbed the "one-word" trend and appeared to start back in September causing confusion among users given the lack of context and soon enough more blue tick verified accounts decided to get involved with the viral meme.

All the verified companies, brands, and people have to do is tweet out a word that accurately describes their brand - pretty simple, right?

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As a result of the trend Twitter has seen an array of different accounts taking part - and people were not disappointed.

Here are some of those who participated in the "one-word" trend:

President Biden's official POTUS account used the word "democracy" - after all, Biden did win the 2020 presidential election (though Donald Trump might disagree).

NASA is known for space exploration and studying what lies beyond Earth so the word "universe" is an accurate word to use.

The Washington Post are a newspaper, so just knocked the "paper" part off and the job's a good'un.

There are many catchphrases from the popular reality TV dating series Love Island but everyone associates the show with the word "grafting," aka flirting and trying to get the person you fancy to like you.

So where did the "one-word" trend start?

It has been reported that the trend began on September 1 when rail service Amtrak bucked the one-word movement when it decided to send out a tweet that read "trains."

The random tweet soon began to rack up the numbers and has gained over 160,000 likes along with 20,000 retweets.

Given the large reach of the trend, there will no doubt be more companies and verified accounts who will tweet out their own one word.

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