OnlyFans model shares five reasons adult creators are 'marriage material'

OnlyFans model shares five reasons adult creators are 'marriage material'
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Lari Sumpani recently hit the headlines after winning the Miss BumBum 2023 contest and now aims to challenge how people view women who share saucy snaps online.

In addition to tackling stigma around adult industry workers, the 24-year-old has also shared five reasons why she believes her profession would actually make her a “great wife”.

"I really want to get married, but because of my work, I have difficulty finding men who want to commit to women like me,” Lari, who is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and has 330,000 followers on Instagram, (@eusumpani ), told Nude PR.

"They are insecure.”

'We keep things spicy'

First on her list of great partner qualities? Keeping things interesting. Lari said: “A woman like me will always propose new things to spice up the relationship.”

'Travel the world together'

The model travels across the globe for her job and says a partner would benefit from this – since they could join in on these adventures. She said: “As OnlyFans models travel very frequently for recordings, [our partner could come along]. “I have already travelled for work to countries such as Belgium and France.”

'It's all about honesty'

Lari believes that adult models are more honest open partners – because they already share who they are so much with fans online. In short, there’s nothing to hide. She said: “We will always be sincere.”

'Sex, sex, sex'

The model has previously revealed that she has sex for three hours a few times weekly, which keeps her fit and “men love it”. So it perhaps comes as no surprise that “sex time” falls in fourth place on the list of why she’d make a great wife. She said: “It is one of the most special points. “Sex is a super important reason, because there will definitely be innovation with toys, costumes and different positions.”

'Money isn't a problem'

Lari, who rakes in the cash from her saucy career and modelling, says finances will “never be a problem”. She said: “Adult content producers who keep their finances organised have money in their pockets. “The medium is profitable and this means that money will never be a problem for the couple.”

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