An optical illusion has gone viral on TikTok after it left people scratching their heads as to how it was being caused.

TikToker Adeline (@mysweetadeline), who regularly posts her “surprising, unusual and weird art”, shared an optical illusion she drew and made herself.

The video shows a drawing of a corridor with paintings on both sides of the wall and one painting at the bottom of the corridor.

Things soon take a strange turn when Adeline begins to move the camera, with the corridor appearing to be three dimensional as it moves along with the camera.


I’ll post a tutorial soon. #creative #fyp #BetterTogetherChallenge #illusion #opticalillusion #illusionart #artistsoftiktok #trick

Moving from left to right, viewers are able to get a better view of the paintings on the sides of the corridor and, while panning the camera up and down, the drawing appears to sink into the table that it’s been placed on.

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However, that’s not quite what is happening – rather the complete opposite, as the drawing is actually 3D construction that is facing outwards on the table. Adeline says in the video that this trick is called “reverse perspective.”

She explained: “I don’t know about you, but I’m fascinated by optical illusions. Today I was playing with something called reverse perspective and I made a little art gallery.”

What the 3D construction actually looks like is revealed to viewers at the end of the clip.

Since sharing this baffling optical illusion, it has received 4.9m views, with more than 980,000 likes along with thousands of comments from people who were left stunned by what they had just seen and learned.

One person wrote: “THE WAY I GASPED WHAT.”

“That’s like magic, I want to make one please do a tutorial,” another person said.

Someone else replied: “My brain is hurting because I can see both at the same time.”

“When I look at the side I see it normally, but in the centre, it’s an illusion,” a fourth person added.

After learning how to see both the optical illusion and the reality, some people were left feeling a little dizzy.

“My brain is switching from seeing the illusion to breaking it every two seconds, it’s making me kinda dizzy,” one person said.

Another added: “When you changed the angle completely I almost threw up.”

For those who are intrigued and want to make the optical illusion themselves, Adeline posted a follow-up video of a tutorial.


Reply to @chloestiktok21 I want to see your reverse perspective rooms! #creative #arttutorial #illusion #opticalillusion #illusionart #artistoftiktok

Fancy giving it a go?

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