Trying to figure out which way the horse is spinning in this optical illusion will make you dizzy

Reverse perspective optical illusion goes viral on TikTok

An optical illusion of a horse spinning around is tripping people out, as they can’t work out which direction it’s spinning in.

While they’re called optical illusions, scientists say it’s actually a brain that’s to blame for being fooled.

One optical illusion of a spinning pony is certainly testing people’s brains and making them feel dizzy at the same time.

A 25-second clip was posted on YouTube and features an illustration of a white horse against a black background. The video has been viewed over 126,000 times and left people baffled.

The caption poses a simple question: “Which way is this horse spinning? Left or Right?”

But, viewers are finding that the answer itself is not so simple. A debate has erupted over which direction is correct as it appears to continually change as you watch it.

While some are adamant that the horse is spinning clockwise, others have offered different theories claiming it’s actually moving back and forth.

Which way is this horse spinning? Left or Right? Comment below! #Subscribe 🙏🙏

One person said: “It is spinning clock wise. Look at it with blurred vision to find it.. The dots on it making it look like it is moving both ways.”

Another claimed: “See the legs and you will get the answer. It's spinning left not both.”

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But others disagreed, saying it wasn’t fully rotation and was instead spinning from side to side.

Someone commented: “Not spinning. It is Zigzagging.”

Another comment claimed: “It's not spinning. It's going side to side.”

The poster of the video hasn’t revealed the correct answer, so for now, it remains a mystery.

Some other optical illusions have had people equally divided. One mermaid optical illusion had people completely baffled as they saw many other animals… apart from a mermaid.

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