The squares aren't moving in this optical illusion and people can't believe their eyes

The squares aren't moving in this optical illusion and people can't believe their eyes
Chinese 3-D painter creates awesome optical illusions using perspective art

The internet loves a good optical illusion, and the latest one to go viral is a cracker.

Originally posted by Twitter user Rob, the clip focuses on two cubes which appear to be moving and stretching across the screen.

Only, the cubes aren’t moving at all, and instead it’s an arrow which is tricking our eyes into seeing movement.

A user reposted the clip and wrote: “The cubes aren’t moving at all. The motion is all in your head. What. The.”

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Another commented under the video, claiming that the video is an example “peripheral drift illusion”.

“I believe this is a nice example of the peripheral drift illusion, a motion illusion caused by the rod cells of the retina - achieved by shifting sides of bright/dark edges. Cool,” they wrote.

Optical illusions are an entertaining way of letting our brains get tricked, and they’ve been popping up all over the place on social media recently.

One viral illusion shared on Twitter in particular had everyone perplexed last year, as they try to read between the lines (quite literally).

"All the lines are straight," Twitter user @ih8rts wrote in the caption alongside the image of a grid with green lines and a static-looking background.

Another recent viral picture features four hidden images in an optical illusion, which can reveal your most charming personality traits.

The oil painting illusion was created by Ukrainian artist Oleg Shupliak and is called “Windy day. Claude Monet.”

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