P&O Cruises just wants to watch the world burn


"And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was P&O Cruises, and Hell followed with him."

P&O cruises, if you didn't guess by the name, is a cruise ship travel company.

They're also one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, judging by this absolutely batsh** ludicrous tweet.

Even your technophobe racist auntie knows this is a pandora's box tweet. Who signed off on this?

It's not about the inevitable Boaty McBoatfaces and Harambes in the replies, it's the fact they were willing to do this mind-numbing trade-off for a bit of free PR.

Anyway, the lemmings came to play:

As well as some actually creative entries:

And our personal favourite:

The new 5,200-passenger ship will weigh 180,000 tons and begin service in 2020, with construction beginning next year at Meyer Werft’s Papenburg shipyard in Germany.

The ship claims to be:

the most environmentally efficient ship in the history of P&O Cruises. Powered at sea and in port by liquefied natural gas, exhaust emissions will be significantly reduced to help protect the environment.

By the time the good ship Boaty McHarambeface launches, companies will also stop using banal guerilla (gorilla, surely? - Ed.) marketing tactics on social media. Or at least, we can only hope.

The UK economy's growth rate slowed by the way.

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