Parent sparks debate after letting child 'run wild' during long haul flight

Parent sparks debate after letting child 'run wild' during long haul flight
Woman calls for adult-only flights after three-hour flight with screaming child
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An unamused plane passenger sparked a debate after sharing a clip of a child who "ran wild" during a long-haul flight.

As we know, last year was a neverending stream of plane drama, from Tiffany Gomas whose 'crazy rant' turned her into an internet sensation – and an actual self-professed star having a diva moment on board. There were even some gross happenings, including a biohazard mid-flight, forcing the plane to turn around.

Now one clip shared on Reddit reignited a discussion around plane etiquette and this time it involves a child.

While the poster kept the context short and sweet, explaining, "Letting children run wild during an 8 hour flight," it certainly piqued the interest of fellow users with over 2,000 responses.

The clip shows a young toddler clinging to the back of a passenger's chair while using the food tray as a trampoline.


One frequent flyer said they usually deal with rude passengers at least once or twice a year. Their advice was to "ask politely once" before calling on a flight attendant.

"They will ask them to stop – and if they refuse, they'll usually move you to an upgraded seat if available," they continued.

Ultimately, the child is too young to know better, many users highlighted.

"Speak with the parents instead," one person urged, while a third joked: "Either that dude is either the heaviest sleeper or just dead inside."

Another added: "I'm pretty non-confrontational, but even I would stand up and say something."

It comes after another incident sparked backlash for proposing adult-only flights.

One TikToker complained of a screaming child throughout their three-hour journey, and parents weren't happy with her storytime.

"Take a private jet instead," one fellow TikToker snarkily hit back.

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