Piers Morgan is interviewing Donald Trump and everyone is making the same point

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Donald Trump has finally been booked to do his first international interview since his inauguration one year ago

You're probably hoping for hard-line questions, fierce debate and a grilling of a lifetime on the remarkable number of scandals that the Trump administration has experienced... And you probably weren't expecting Piers Morgan to be the one asking the questions.

Well, if you're disappointed that Trump's ITV interview is with a man who repeatedly says the pair are "friends", you're not alone.

Morgan will meet with his 'friend' for the interview at the World Economic Forum in Davos today.

Everyone is pointing out that Piers Morgan is unlikely to give Trump a hard time.

Even Gary Lineker felt he needed to share his thoughts.

Broadcaster and journalist Susanna Reid, who Piers joins for Good Morning Britain, had this to say.

It is worth pointing out that Morgan does not always praise Trump.

In a piece for The Daily Mail last year, he called Trump a "President Paranoid Snowflake".

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