Shock: Piers Morgan has said something people actually agree with

Shock: Piers Morgan has said something people actually agree with
Andrew Tate called out for misogynistic comments by Piers Morgan

Love him or loathe him, social media have backed Piers Morgan and his recent take on the UK economy, calling to "get rid" of Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng immediately.

In a Twitter post on Thursday (October 12), the British journalist and presenter shared a photo of the prime minister and the chancellor, writing: "Britain’s finances are heading over a cliff because two people with no mandate from the British public decided to play reckless roulette with our economy. The Tories should admit this ghastly experiment has been an unmitigated fiasco & get rid of Truss/Kwarteng asap."

An overwhelming amount of support flocked in for Morgan, with sentiments like, "I don't usually agree with Piers... But, he's right here."

Another reiterated: "Rarely does Morgan utter sense."

A third added: "You know it must be very bad when you read a Piers Morgan tweet and nod."

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It comes after Morgan blasted the Tories during his appearance on BBC's Question Time earlier this week, calling Truss' leadership an "unmitigated shambles".

He criticised the government's handling of the cost of living crisis, comparing their mini-budget to "playing casino politics with the nation’s economy."

When an audience member asked how long they thought Truss would stand as prime minister, Morgan responded: "Tonight? I think she's done. I think if you come in at this stage, two years until an election, with the polling as catastrophic as it is - and it's a direct result of the first thing you do for the country - and you play casino politics with the nation's economy, putting it all on red then it comes up black […] I'm not sure how she has the brass neck to stay in the job."

He added: "Along with her Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng. It's not that I'm pro or anti the Conservative Party - this is supposed to be the party of fiscal responsibility but it couldn't be anything but the opposite."

Morgan continued: "I'm afraid they have gambled with the economy and our finances and it won't be them that suffer, it will be the poorest members of society who are going to wake up to some horrific bills. They [the Tories] are going to say: 'Well, we're helping you out with energy bills’ - but what about the mortgages, because they're going to dwarf energy bills."

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