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A pizza delivery driver is suing his group of friends who won a $1 million lottery prize - because he got none of the winnings.

Philip Tsotsos, from Ontario in Canada, is suing for $70,000 and other costs and is accusing the group of "'stealing his dreams."

The friend group of 16 won the Maxmillion prize on a Lotto Max ticket from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation last summer. Although his friends say he didn't pay to enter the lottery prize, Tsotsos believes he, too, should be considered a winner.

Speaking to CBC News the disheartened man said, "Why wouldn't they tell me they won? These guys are like family to me."

He added, "Their dreams came true. Why should they steal mine?" In his lawsuit, he named each of the 16 friends and said he wants to be named as the 17th winner.

Defense lawyer David Robins who is representing the group of 16, told Daily Mail: "Mr Tsotsos did not pay to play, so we deny that he is entitled to any of the relief that he is seeking, and we'll be vigorously defending the claim. In this instance, he did not play and he was not included."

Tsotsos claims that he didn't always pay immediately for the tickets and said they worked on a credit system for the six years he had been a part of the pool.

He also shared that he had previously owed money, with his tab even stretching to $100, but he always paid it back.

At the time the group won the money, he had a tab of $30 and was told by the group's leader to repay the debt plus another $10 to stay in the group. He says he replied offering to pay the $40 by the Friday, then joked: "Just take it out of our winnings when we win."

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