Plane passenger stuns TikTok by discovering secret toilet on flight

Plane passenger stuns TikTok by discovering secret toilet on flight
Travelers marvel at unique location of plane's bathrooms
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A TikToker has left viewers stunned after revealing the unusual “secret” location of toilets on board an aeroplane.

It seems flying is a necessary evil for those who want to see the world, but it isn’t without its pitfalls. On social media, people regularly post tips about how to make the experience less stressful, with things like guides about what to do when other passengers ask to switch seats or what food or drink to avoid on a plane.

Now, TikToker and traveller @DowineLive has left viewers stunned after showing the unusual location of the toilets on a normal plane.

In the video that has been viewed almost 5 million times, he explained he was on board a regular plane that had a very big difference from any other plane he had ever travelled on.

“This is a normal commercial aeroplane, it’s not a double-decker … but the bathroom is downstairs,” he told viewers. “How cool is that?”


I’ve never seen this on a plane before. Lufthansa A340-600

The TikToker then showed viewers the staircase that leads down to the bathroom before opening the door to reveal it.

He captioned the video: “I’ve never seen this on a plane before. Lufthansa A340-600.”

TikToker viewers were left impressed by the plane’s layout, while many also pointed out that it’s almost like an “invitation” to join the “mile high club”.

“That’s pretty sick to be fair,” one viewer commented.

Another said: “That makes so much sense though. It’s ridiculous standing in the way waiting to use the washroom!!!”

Someone else argued: “This is an engraved invitation to join the mile-high club.”

One person added: “As a flight attendant I know exactly what would go on down in those toilets haha.”

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