Planet of the Bass: How to listen to the full song

Planet of the Bass: How to listen to the full song
Comedian Kyle Gordon dances in parody song-turned-viral sensation Planet of the Bass

Planet of the Bass, the parody track that went viral from a TikTok clip to become the song of the summer, has now been released in full and here’s how to listen to it.

Comedian Kyle Gordon caught the attention of TikTokers with his Eurodance parody track 'Planet of the Bass' as the character DJ Crazy Times.

The catchy song has all the classic hallmarks of Eurodance music that was prominent in the 90s from the likes of bands such as Aqua, Vengaboys and La Bouche.

It features an upbeat tempo, a lot of synths and grammatically incorrect lyrics such as, “Life, it never die. Women are my favourite guy”.

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Gordon, aka DJ Crazy Times, voices the hilariously accurate male vocalist with a raspy monotone voice that throws in random ad-libs. Meanwhile, Ms. Biljana Electronica, the name of the female vocalist, sings the rest of the track.

On TikTok, the original clip has now been viewed 8.4 million times.


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How to listen to the full Planet of the Bass song

Now, the full-length 3 minute 20 second track by Kyle Gordon is available on streaming services, including Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and YouTube Music, via this link.

The full song begins with DJ Crazy Times announcing, “Alert! Alert! DJ Crazy Times. If you want parties to be making, have some noise,” before proclaiming, “Oh, I’ve got an idea… world peace”.

Planet of the Bass (feat. DJ Crazy Times & Ms. Biljana Electronica)

Fans were certainly excited for the release of the full track.

One person wrote on X: “I am inordinately psyched for this.”

“I am extremely ready,” another said.

Gordon revealed he has also shot a brand new music video that is yet to drop. Fans are excited to see who will be playing Ms. Biljana Electronica, as the female vocalist has noticeably changed in every new clip that has been released in a funny nod to the fickle 90s genre.

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