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A man arrested on suspicion of drug possession got further insult to injury recently after the police who arrested him went on social media to take the absolute mickey out of his trainers.

We’ve all had bad days, but getting arrested and having your fashion sense dragged through the mud on social media? That’s got to hurt.

A thread posted by Derbyshire Roads Policing Unit on Twitter details the drug bust in Willington, which saw one individual caught with a load of “suspected cocaine”, thousands in cash and some rather questionable designer items.

And whoever is running their social media deserves a raise, after describing the man’s “offensive footwear”.

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The post read: “Info that the driver of this car is a busy boy selling coke left right and centre. Sounded too good an opportunity to miss.

“Seen in suspicious meet in a car park before we boxed him in and arrested him. Around £24,000 seized with a large amount of suspected cocaine.”

The thread was accompanied with pictures of the suspected cocaine, as well as the cash. However, it was the clothes that really caught the eye.

“Luxury watches, dozens of designer clothes and some very questionable shoes all seized as proceeds of crime. Not much at all left in his wardrobe after we stripped it,” the thread continued.

It also included two pictures of garish trainers, one Balenciaga pair and one Gucci.

“A productive Friday night and very busy week,” it added, before saying: “Charged with possession of offensive footwear.”

Putting away criminals and having a bloody good laugh while they’re at it, that’s the Derbyshire Roads Policing Unit way, it seems.

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